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Our History

Mid Ulster Pride is NI's first Rural LGBTQ+ organisation. We were established in 2019 to promote the interests of LGBTQ+ resources in Mid Ulster. The cause was quickly picked by local LGBTQ+ people and their allies, and soon the core values of Mid Ulster Pride were immortalised in our motto: Belonging, Love, and Celebration. In 2020 the first Rural LGBTQ+ Pride was planned for June. Unfortunately, COVID-19 pushed plans foward until September of that year. In the wake of this, a socially distanced Mid Ulster Pride took to the streets. From then we have grown and evolved to best serve the rural LGBTQ+ community.


what do we do?

Mid Ulster Pride runs several different events throughout the year. We hold coffee mornings and social evenings in major towns of Mid Ulster. LGBTQ+ people, their families, friends, and supporters can come together in a safe and welcoming environment. We hold our Rural Pride Parade every summer. The Parade is a celebration of everything that makes LGBTQ+ rural communities unique. We exists to prove that the countryside is ready for a Queer Revolution.

Why Do We Do It?

Mid Ulster Pride was formed to identify and raise the issues of LGBTQ+ people living in rural areas. Issues like familial abandonment, isolation, religious persecution and abuse are common and even deemed acceptable in rural communities. This causes young LGBTQ+ people to move away, conform to lifestyles outside of their nature, self-harm, and in extreme cases, to take their own lives. Mid Ulster Pride has an ongoing mission to promote "Belonging, Love, and Celebration" within our rural LGBTQ+ community, as well as the wider community in Mid Ulster. By bringing LGBTQ+ lives to the fore, we aim to shine light on the wonderful and diverse stories of our community. We aim to demonstrate that we have always been a part of rural life, and the time has come to say our piece.

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